April 9, 2010

Christian Music Sale: Susan Ashton - So Far: The Best Of Susan Ashton CD - Available For A Limited Time!

Many may not know that Susan Ashton was one of the most popular and respected contemporary Christian vocalists for most of the 1990s before her crossover to country music. This compilation highlights some of her greatest work in that genre and includes selections from her first three albums (Wakened by the Wind, Angels of Mercy, Susan Ashton) and two additional cuts.

Susan Ashton possesses a pure, gorgeous voice that immediately captivates. It is an incredible, expressive gift honed by a passion for her craft and a commitment to her calling -- it is a precise, masterful vocal presence. "So Far" is a testament to an amazing voice and an even more amazing partnership with songwriter Wayne Kirkpatrick. His intelligent, thoughtful lyrics and gorgeous melodies go straight to the heart of the Christian walk. Together they create some of the most honest testimonies of living faith you may ever hear.

Much of this material would be considered acoustic pop/rock with some country leanings and even a little jazz ("Remember Not").

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Track List:

1. Here In My Heart
2. Waiting For Your Love To Come Down
3. Stand
4. Remember Not
5. Down On My Knees
6. No One Knows My Heart
7. Hide Or Seek
8. Ball And Chain
9. In Amazing Grace Land
10. Grand Canyon
11. Hunger And Thirst
12. Beyond Justice to Mercy

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