April 4, 2010

Featured Artist Profile: Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart

Mylon LeFevre (born October 6, 1944 in Gulfport, Mississippi) is the former Christian rock singer of the Grammy Award-winning band Mylon and Broken Heart and a Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame member. He currently travels around the United States, ministering, teaching and singing. He frequently appears on such television networks as the Trinity Broadcasting Network and the Daystar Television Network.

In 1980, LeFevre "committed [his] life to Jesus". He got a job as a janitor at his church, Mt. Paran Church of God, in Atlanta. He started a Christian band called Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart in 1981 with some musicians he met in a Bible study: Kenny Bentley, John Hampton, Joe Hardy, and Dean Harrington. A small offshoot gospel label from MCA Records known as Songbird released his "comeback" album Brand New Start in 1981. Over the years guitarists Scott Allen and Trent Argante would also be members, along with keyboardist Marshall Pratt.

Over the next ten years, he released ten albums and traveled over a million miles. In 1987, the group attempted to cross over to mainstream rock by rechristening itself Look Up! and releasing an album on non-Christian industry label Columbia Records. The album contained a retooled updating of "Peace Begins Within" from the We Believe album and a cover of DeGarmo and Key's "Love is All You Need" but it was not the breakthrough success the band had hoped for.

In 1987, the band received a Rock Album of The Year GMA Dove Award for Crack the Sky. That same year, they received a Grammy for Best Gospel Performance by a Duo, Group, Choir, or Chorus.

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