April 17, 2011

PFR - The Late Great PFR CD

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In this compilation, PFR gives listeners a glimpse of the past five years of PFR. And songs from every album are taken (with some slight alterations on Pray for Rain and Do You Want To Know Love).

While some songs, like Name and Pour Me Out just plain rock, others, like The Love I Know, Wait For The Sun, and Forever are beautiful in both lyrics and song. Many have shared stories of going through a hard time in relationships, then only to hear The Love I Know. The lyrics can be powerful.

The Music is varied from Hard Rock to country (the last song, not listed on CD). And It closes with the retrospect, Fare Thee Well.

Of the 17 tracks, 3 are new. 2 are from Pray For Rain (1992), 5 are from Goldie's Last Day (1994), 4 are from Great Lengths (1995), and 2 are from Them (1996).

Track Listings:

1. Great Lengths
2. Pour Me Out
3. Name (New Recording)
4. Walk Away from Love
5. Forever (New Recording)
6. Anything
7. Spinnin' Round
8. Goldie's Last Day
9. Pray for Rain
10. Wonder Why
11. The Love I Know
12. Do You Want to Know Love
13. Merry-Go-Round
14. That Kind of Love
15. Wait for the Sun
16. Fare Thee Well (New Recording)


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