May 7, 2011

Jonathan Pierce Mission CD

AVAILABLE NOW: Jonathan Pierce Mission CD

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Track listing

1. Single Grain of Faith
2. Hold Me in Your Arms
3. Praise the Lord
4. With All My Heart
5. I Believe in Christ
6. Farther Than Your Grace Can Reach
7. Together
8. Mission of Life
9. You Carried Me
10. To Be a Christian
11. Single Grain of Faith - (Remix)

"Mission" is Jonathan Pierce's second solo album and it doesn't disappoint. It is more vocally ambitious than "One Love," his first album. A few of the cuts (such as "Hold Me In Your Arms) let us see the fun side of Jonathan's music, while songs like "Farther Than Your Grace Can Reach" show us the softness and power of his voice. His remake of "Praise the Lord" is amazing and "I Belive In Christ" follows in the same vein. My favorite track is "To Be A Christian." This song depicts what being a true Christian is all about. It would have had great potential if it had been released as a single. This is a great album that will encourage the listener to be all they can for God. Enjoy it!

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