July 16, 2011

Point of Grace - Steady On - CD

AVAILABLE NOW: Point of Grace - Steady On - CD

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Product Description

It's no surprise that this 1998 release helped the Point of Grace girls win their second Dove Award for best group of the year. Producer extraordinaire Brown Bannister guides a textbook example of how to meld melodic pops songs, four-part harmonies, and Nashville's finest studio musicians. "Amazing" and "Drawing Me Closer" are especially appealing, thanks to vocal arrangements by master songsmith Chris Eaton. Basically, if you've liked Point of Grace before, you'll love this one. While there's nothing edgy or challenging about Steady On, it's still a beautiful-sounding CD and Shelley, Denise, Terry, and Heather can sing circles around most any girl group (secular or spiritual). Though they've taken some heat for their saccharine-coated Christian message, say what you will, sugar still tastes sweet. --Michael Lyttle

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