September 30, 2013

FREE: Leslie Phillips - The Turning CD

AVAILABLE NOW: Leslie Phillips - The Turning CD

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Product Description 
Leslie Phillips' "The Turning" was something much different than her previous releases. Philip's themes on this album were a little deeper than her ealier pop music. Fan favorites and still holds up to this day, are the songs, "Answers Don't Come Easy" and "Love Is Not Lost".

Track Listing: All songs written by Sam Phillips, except where noted.

1. "River of Love" (Phillips/Burnett)
2."Love Is Not Lost"
3. "The Turning"
4. "Libera Me" (Burnett)
5. "Carry You"
6. "Beating Heart"
7. "Expectations"
8. "Down"
9. "Answers Don't Come Easy"
10. "God Is Watching You" (Burnett) 


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