April 20, 2010

Seven Day Jesus CD - Available For A Limited Time!

Seven Day Jesus was formed by childhood friends, singer and guitarist Brian McSweeney, rhythm guitarist Chris Beaty, bassist Wes Simpkins, and drummer Matt Sumpter. They began as a cover band, but soon began writing their own music.

Looking to break-out, the band released several albums, before being signed by 5 Minute Walk, an indie label in California. After releasing the critically acclaimed album (Hunger) in 1996, they were signed to Forefront. In 1998, after a change in line-up, they released their eponymous album and changed their style significantly. The album spawned several hits.

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Track listing
All songs written by Brian McSweeney, except where noted.

1. "Down With The Ship" - 3:01
2. "Always Comes Around" - 3:59
3. "Butterfly" (McSweeney, Douglas Kaine McKelvey) - 2:52
4. "Everybody Needs Love" - 4:45
5. "Who I Am" - 3:27
6. "End Of My Rope" - 3:52
7. "Sea Of Forgetfulness" (McSweeney, McKelvey) - 5:45
8. "I Will Find You" - 3:41
9. "My Friend" - 4:14
10. "You Are The One" - 4:19

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