August 23, 2009

Christian Music Artist Profile: Harvest

Christian Knight's Top Ten Favorite Harvest Songs

1. All That Is In Me

2. The Warrior

3. Where Would I Be?

4. I Won’t Be Denied
5. Always

6. Because I Am

7. The Battle is The Lord’s

8. Devil To Pay

9. I Will Worship The Lord

10. I Need You

Harvest is the name of the Christian band founded in Lindale, Texas by Jerry Williams in 1977.[1] The vision of Harvest was to see 100 million people come to know Jesus Christ personally through the band's music ministry.
Along with Jerry Williams, the original members of Harvest were Ed Kerr and Paul Wilbur - both music students. Wilbur had met Williams at a church where Williams was the youth pastor, and Williams had been influential in Wilbur's decision to become a Christian. Ed Kerr was a mutual friend of both Williams and Wilbur. The three men collaborated on the first two albums created by Harvest: Harvest and Morning Sun.

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