May 6, 2011

Commission Art Rates - Christian Knight

Christian Knight Commission Art Rates and Ordering Update

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You may ask, what is a commission? It is a paid request. It's where you pay the artist to draw what ever you like, it can be Bible Characters, Superheroes, Fan art, etc...

Commissions and Information – Rates and Service

We have updated our commission rates. We have researched and checked the regular prices and did comparisons to others so the prices we have listed are fairly reasonable. While others charge $200 for a cell shaded picture, not including the additional characters, we have made our prices affordable for the work involved.

Some commissions are expensive because once you get a copy of your commissioned work, you can do what ever you want to it, make different prints for example.

Artwork will be on 11 X 14 Glossy Paper and 1 CD-ROM that will include the illustration at 200-300DPI [about 3000+ pixels] for larger printing, you can make it to a poster if you like and it won't even lose quality and turn around time is approximately 2-4 weeks for most commissions and depending on workload.

Commission art can consist of Comic Book Characters, Bible Characters, etc. with a child or person’s name, personalized message or bible verse.

Method of Payment

We ONLY to accept Paypal and will start the commission as soon as we receive a payment. Do not pay us unless we confirmed that we will do your commission.

Once a commission work is in the final drafts, you will be emailed a low-resolution image as proof and kept in contact concerning the progress by email or phone.

Payments that are received first will obviously have the handicap of getting their commission first. We work in a "1st come, 1st serve" basis.

Thank you.

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