November 6, 2010

Christian Music Profile: Kenny Marks

Kenny Marks was one of the mainstay artists in CCM from his debut album in 1982 'til the end of the decade. Songs such as "Make It Right", "The Party's Over" and "Right Where You Are" were regularly in circulation on Christian radio and are still considered by many today to be CCM classics. His music had an AOR/Bryan Adams vibe to them which carved him a niche in the industry. He continued to release albums up 'til 1995, exploring a more melodic ballad driven sound.

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Kenny Marks is an award-winning recording artist and songwriter, is well known on 6 continents for his passionate songs about real life. His vivid musical portrayals of the human condition gave voice to songs of unusual intensity in the world of Christian Music. He has been quoted as saying…”My songs are written from a horizontal perspective, person-to-person, with a vertical connection…God has His own way of speaking into each of our lives”.

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Kenny Marks - Friends Live 1988 Video

Soul Reviver - KENNY MARKS (Live)

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