July 1, 2010

Every Hour Here - Poetry Inspired by The Hymns of Faith


O God, merciful and mighty,
In this quiet solitude,
I discover the peace that passes understanding.

Outside is wickedness,
Around the world lies chaos
And temptations close in fast.

I need thee every hour here
And so much more
Pass the hour here.

If you didn’t love me,
All that I have would fade away.

If you do not guide me,
All that I am would cease to be.

Come quickly Lord,
Reign over me, show me thy mercy.
Teach me thy will.
Bless me now, my savior.

I will walk this world with Your words
To light my every step.

I will run to Your sanctuary
And remember the sacrifice
You made for these souls who scorn You still.

Every hour upon the hour,
I need thee every hour here.

Time means nothing
When I look into your sky.


©2010, 1999 Christian Knight Publishing Group. All Rights Reserved. 



From “Devotion: Poetry and Art Inspired by The Hymns of Faith” Available Now at www.christianknightcomics.com/books-devotion-poetry-art-collection

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