July 1, 2010

Within Without - Poetry Inspired By The Hymns of Faith


I come to thee
With outstretched arms
And hands lifted high.

I come to thee
O Lamb of God,
To be rid of my soul’s afflictions.

I come to thee,
O Lamb of God,
Just as I am.

Trouble and toil
Every child may know
But I run to You
To find peace and rest.
Thy promises are true,
Thy mercy endureth eternally.

I come to thee
Broken and battered
By conflicts and doubts.

O Lamb of God,
Thou has loved me
More than I deserve.

I am sinful and hopeless,
Born into iniquity.

O Lamb of God,
Change my heart,
Renew my spirit.
Make me whole again.

Within I am without You.
Without You, I’m nothing within.

O Lamb of God,
I come to thee.


©2010, 1999 Christian Knight Publishing Group. All Rights Reserved. 


From “Devotion: Poetry and Art Inspired by The Hymns of Faith” Available Now at www.christianknightcomics.com/books-devotion-poetry-art-collection

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