July 26, 2011

Christian Knight Response: The Norway Tragedy

First, we here at Christian Knight Media wish to offer our condolences to the victims and families of the recent massacre and bombing in Norway. Our prayers are with them all at this time.

We have recently discovered that the accused gunman and bombing suspect has used the name “Christian Knight” to spread his hate and used that term in his delusional writings. We here at Christian Knight denounce any use of that name in relation to kill, spread hate and bring about any destruction of property.

For centuries, the term of Christian Knight has been both a title of reverence and of disdain.

Concerning our use of the term, we do not take sides about the issues of this world, both politically or religiously.

We have made it very clear that we are not affiliated with any religious denomination or political party.

The use of the name Christian Knight and even our Christian Superhero characters are NOT to be used to evoke any literal militant attack or hate against any other human being for their race or political or religious views.

We believe that the battle for the world’s survival is BOTH Spiritual and Physical and believe that Christians should arm themselves with the Power of God’s Love, the Wisdom of God’s Word and the Strength of the Holy Spirit through prayer and living by example. To use their faith and talents to help change the world and NOT cause pain and death to innocent men, women and children.

If we have presented any of our hero characters with weapons (swords, guns, shield, etc.) it is not to be taken literal. We have tried to explain the spiritual and supernatural significance of such weapons in the battle against evil. Our Christian Superheroes are NOT killers but use those weapons to help protect and defend innocent people and stop villains or would-be world conquerors from spreading evil. In the same way as pastors and true Christians stand up to evil with writing against it, preaching, using other talents for God and living a life of faith. And, also, in the same way that other comic book superheroes are presented to help others with the exception that our characters have powers and abilities from God.

Also, many wars have been fought, like WWII that was engaged for the greater good, when evil rose up to take over the world and many soldiers that fought against it were Christians. There are police officers who must patrol our streets and fight crime everyday that are Christians. But fighting dictators, terrorists and armies or crime, gangs and street thugs is NOT the same as shooting children in a camp or bombing government buildings in a terrorist rant.

Again, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims in Norway. Words cannot express the horror that is felt over there at this time. We firmly denounce any further hate speech or attacks against anyone claiming they do such in the name of Christ.

A true Christian Knight is the one who would not kill innocent people or write a book of hate but help others and take a stand and stop the spread of this form of prejudice in the name of Christ.

Thank you.

- The Artists and Writers of Christian Knight Media

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