July 28, 2011

The Legacy of Keith Green – Video Collection

A collection of videos: music, teaching and a documentary featuring Christian music artist Keith Green


Keith Gordon Green (October 21, 1953 – July 28, 1982) was an American gospel singer, songwriter, musician, and Contemporary Christian Music artist originally from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York. Beyond his music, Green is best known for his strong devotion to Christian evangelism and challenging others to the same. Often considered controversial for his frequently confrontational lyrics and spoken messages, some notable songs written by Green and/or his wife, Melody Green, include "Your Love Broke Through," "You Put This Love In My Heart," and "Asleep In The Light." Green is also known for numerous popular modern hymns, including "O Lord, You're Beautiful" and "There Is A Redeemer." READ MORE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Green


Documentary: The Keith Green Story (Complete Video)


Seminar: Keith Green - Devotion or Devotions?

Keith Green preaches a very important message that makes critical distinguishing factors in whether or not someone is TRULY a Christian.


Music: Grace By Which I Stand - Keith Green


Music: Altar Call - Keith Green

Keith Green's song Altar Call with lyrics and pictures of the 1979 ORU revival.


Music: Easter Song (Live) - Keith Green

Keith Green performing "Easter Song" live from The Daisy Club -- LA (1982)


Music: Oh Lord, You're Beautiful - Keith Green


Music: Make My Life A Prayer To You (Live) - Keith Green

Keith Green performing "Make My Life A Prayer To You" live from Estes Park 1978


You can find out more information about life and legacy of Keith Green on www.keithgreen.com

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